Update on swimming sessions in the New Year

A Happy New Year to all, and welcome back. Swimming sessions will resume this Friday 7th January.

Please make a note of the following (minor) modifications regarding swimming sessions: 

Sundays (no change)

   5 – 6pm Stingrays juniors (no change).  This is for the very young new starters, typically 7 – 10 years old.

   6 – 7pm Open to all Stingrays (no change).


   8 – 9pm  Stingrays.  This session used to be for gala swimmers only, and by invitation of the coach only.  However this is now open to all 11 years and over.

   8 – 9pm  Masters.   A lane will be kept for Masters training (no change).


   7 – 9pm  Stingrays. No change but please note, contrary to some apparent misconception, this is open to all swimmers.

   8 – 9pm  Masters (NEW)  This is a new session for Masters swimmers, that will run in parallel with the second hour of the Stingrays in the other lanes.