February Events

Fri 1st February, 7 – 9pm, Time Trialsswimmer

We will be holding time trials during what is normally the routine training slot. These time trials are held at regular intervals throughout the year, their aim being to help swimmers and coaches assess how swimmers are improving.  Time trials nights are also a lot of fun.

Action:   Please could all swimmers make a special effort to attend, even if you normally swim only on a Sunday or Tuesday.

We understand that 9pm is a late finish for some of the younger swimmers, and with this in mind, we normally run the shorter distance events first, and the longer distance events later on.  This way if younger swimmers really need to escape to bed at 8 pm, they should have done most of their main swims by then.  However, if everyone can stay to 9pm so much the better.

If most of the club is to be there on the same evening it will be quite busy, and so we could use some extra help on poolside from some adults for time-keeping.

Action please: If you are able to help, please let us know – either Stuart, Coach Ralph, or myself, or present yourself on the evening.

Fri 15th February, start of Club championships

Info:  These are a series of internal club races continuing through into March – we’ll be sending out a full program shortly.  For newcomers to the club who may be unfamiliar to the club championships, please try to ensure you attend these events as they are an important and central part of our club’s activities, and they are a lot of fun too.   There will be an awards presentation night in April, which is our main social event of the year where swimmers’ endeavours and achievements throughout the year are recognised.

Action please:  For those who were awarded trophies back in November from the last club championships, please could you return them to us by 15th Feb.  We will ensure that your own name gets engraved on them if not already done, and we can also them get them prepared for this year.

Thanks and regards

Ralph Lynch