Club Positions – Volunteers Required

As we move into 2016 the Club needs help from parents/guardians in a number of important roles.

Whilst it is appreciated both swimmers and parents have very busy schedules the club needs assistance from everyone involved in order to lighten the load on Committee Members and to help the club achieve its aims and objectives.

With the help of the current Committee the club has come along way over the last couple of years and now finds itself financially stable and fulfilling some of the Head Coaches 5 year objectives of introducing a new kit and working towards Swim21 accreditation.  To continue on this path the following roles must be filled:

  • Chairperson – After nearly 3 years in post our current Chairperson has reluctantly stood down due to developing work and personal commitments.  This role is important to the club and needs to be filled as a matter or urgency in order to meet the clubs constitution.
  • Media Officer – Whilst this position was filled by a couple of swimmers at the AGM it has been decided that a parent/guardian needs to lead on this role in order develop a rapport with the local press so swimmer/club achievements can be communicated and to help promote the club within our local communities.
  • Social Secretary – The club is keen to develop and enhance the club spirit by arranging a couple of social events each year where both swimmers and parents can come together to have some relaxing and fun time.  The Social Secretary role simply requires them to identify events and manage the arrangements with the help of others.
  • Website Coordinator – The website is an important part of our communications strategy and as such needs to be managed and updated regularly so swimmers can download and analyse performance data and parents can be notified of up and coming events.  Due to the potential impact on educational commitments this role would ideally be managed by a parent/guardian but in an agreed circumstance could be assisted by a swimmer.

If you feel you can assist with any of the above roles please get in touch with any member of the current Committee in order to share your interest.  Please remember the club cannot run smoothly or achieve objectives without your help.