Club Championships

Club Records Galore

27th March 2015

Lily PearsonThe final Championship event took place last night with 3 out of 4 current club records being broken.  In the 200m Butterfly Lily Pearson beat her previous PB/CR by 00:00.36 with a time of 03:25.04.  In the 400m Freestyle both female and male current club records were broken by Tiegan Chipping with a time of 05:31.00 (00:16.07 faster than her previous PB time), and Jack Gregorius with a time of 05:25.84 (00:00.70 faster than previous PB time).

A special well done goes to Darcie Morton for taking part in the 400m Freestyle event and managing to achieve a magnificent time of 04:06.65 for a distance of 200m.

Don’t forget the additional 1500m session takes place on Tuesday.

27-Mar-15 – Club Championship

Club Record for Jack in 100m IM

22nd March 2015

GREGORIUS JackJack Gregorius claimed a current Club Record tonight with a time of 01:16.42 in the 100m Individual Medley event.  This was 00:01.56 faster than his previous time and just 3 seconds slower than the Historic Club record of 01:13.18 which was achieved by Michael Rea in November 2011.

For the full results please click the link below.

22-Mar-15 – Club Championship

Before the event took place the A.C.E and swimmer of the month awards were presented.  The club apologise for the delay in these awards and will attempt to present these on time in the future.  The winners of the awards were as follows:

Monthly Awards

Due to a print error the September 2014 awards will be presented next Friday.

NOTE:  If any A.C.E certificates were damaged on poolside please ask for a reprint. 


Due to over subscription of the 1500m event it will now be run on Tuesday 24th and Tuesday 31st March.  Swimmers are asked to take note of their selected date in order to prevent a wasted journey to the pool.

Tuesday 24th March

  • Janet Bargmann
  • Mia Bartlett
  • Callum Bloomfield
  • Matthew Bloomfield
  • Tiegan Chipping
  • Dan Clarke
  • Erin Marshallsay
  • Hannah Trude
  • Kerys Gibbs
  • Carys Lilley

Tuesday 31st March

  • Emily Dixon
  • Esmee Gregorius
  • Jack Gregorius
  • Amy Stewart
  • Darcie Morton
  • Lily Pearson
  • Izzy Lynch
  • Ralph Lynch
  • Steven Upperdine
  • Oliver Upperdine

PB’s Continue to flow in Championships

20th March 2015

The 6th session of the Club Championships took place tonight with more PB’s achieved by many of the swimmers.  Personal Best

Some of the most noticeable achievements were from Kaiden Chipping (05:05.74), Darcie Morton (04:58.59), Faith Rosenwald (04:52.00) and Thomas Trude (05:03.48) who all took part in their first ever 200m Breaststroke event.  Well done for an excellent swim.

For the full results please click the link below.

20-Mar-15 – Club Championship

New Club Record for Tiegan in 800m Freestyle

17th March 2015

CHIPPING TieganThe 800m Freestyle Championship event took place on Tuesday with 11 swimmers taking part.  There were PB’s for most of the swimmers and a new Current Members Club Record for Tiegan Chipping with a time of 11:32.22 which was 00:36.35 faster than her previous 800m time.

To see the full results and the current and historic club records click on the links below.

17-Mar-15 – Club Championship

Current Club Records from 01-Jan-11 to 20-Mar-15

Historic Club Records from 01-Jan-11 to 20-Mar-15

Close Finishes in Championship Event

15th March 2015

The 4th event of the Championships witnessed some extremely close finishes in the both events with the most noticeable being;

Swimming Club Logo (digital)

Heat 5 – 100m Freestyle –  Emma Rooms 01:26.52 and Emily Dixon 01:26.88

Heat 9 – 100m Freestyle –  Tiegan Chipping 01:13.07 and Carys Lilley 01:13.15

Heat 15 – 50m Breaststroke –  Matthew Bloomfield 00:51.69 and Emily Dixon 00:51.86

Heat 18 – 50m Breaststroke –  Jess Batten-Stevens 00:42.09 and Mia Bartlett 00:42.19

A special well done goes to all the younger swimmers who all achieved PB’s in their events.

For the full results click the link below:

15-Mar-15 – Club Championship

Club Record for Oli in 50m Butterfly

13th March 2015

After a few smash timetechnical problems with the timing system the Club Championships continued with the 50m Butterfly, 100m Breaststroke and 200m Backstroke.  As in previous events PB’s were plentiful with the most noticeable achieved by Oli Upperdine with a PB and CR in the 50m Butterfly with a time of 00:35.00.  Other swimmers achieving PB’s in all 3 events included, Mia Bartlett, Kaiden Chipping, Daniel Hart, Erin Marshallsay, Emma Rooms, Olivia Taylor and Hannah Trude.

A well done and thank you goes to all swimmers for taking part and being patient with the time keeper.

Please click the link to view the results.

13-Mar-15 – Club Championship

Club records broken in 2nd Championship session

10th March 2015butterfly

The 2nd Club Championship session took place last night with the 200 and 400 IM events.

A total of 30 PB’s were broken with the most significant being achieved by Emma Rooms and Hannah Trude who beat their previous 400 IM times by 01:59.17 and 00:32.70.

A special congratulations go to Carys Lilley and Jack Gregorius who both achieved PB’s and CR’s with times of 06:27.75 and 06:15.31 in the 400 IM event.

For the full results click on the link below.

10-Mar-15 – Club Championship


Championships start with a flourish

6th March 2015

The 2015 Clucartoonb Championships started last night with many swimmers achieving PB’s in all 3 events.  A special congratulations goes to Ben Levy who broke a club record in the 50m Backstroke with a time of 37.59, only for this to be snatched away in a later heat by Dan Clark with a time of 36.45.

A special well done also goes to our swimmers who experienced their first club championship event, they include Duncan and Heather Brown, Kaiden Chipping, Abby Elliot, Kate Hennessy, Merania Katene, Megan Layzell, Faith Rosenwald, Amy Stewart and Megan Thornbury.

Don’t forget the Championships are not only about taking part but also about supporting others, so when you are waiting for your next event give a cheer and shout out encouragement to those in the pool.  Lets make some noise…. of course that is during the race, not when Coach Ralph is preparing swimmers for the start.

For the full results click the link below.

06-Mar-15 – Club Championship

Championship Registrations

3rd March 2013

The Championship Registration Report has been updated with new nominations and requested changes to existing submissions.  Please check the report below for accuracy and inform the Website Administrator of any details that are incorrect.

Club Championship Registration

Please note the registrations for Joshua Matthews and Heather/Duncan Brown have been received but awaiting confirmation of D.O.B before they are uploaded.