General Information

Annual General Meeting & Presentation Evening

AGM LogoOur annual awards presentation evening will be held on the evening of Saturday 11th May.  This is our main social event of the year where swimmers’ receive awards from the Club Championships, and also where endeavours and achievements throughout the year are recognised.

This year we are also combining the presentation night with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the wider club events and future plans will be discussed.

We have made tremendous progress in the club over the last two years and we want to feel that everybody is a part of it.

Please put this date on your calendars now, and we will send out more details shortly.

Swimming Club Calendar

January to August 2013

Jan Normal club swimming
Feb Normal club swimming (continues through ½ term 11 – 19 Feb)
Mar Last swim Tues 26 March (school break up Easter holidays)
Apr Restart Fri 5 April
May Normal club swimming swim through ½ term
Jun Normal club swimming
Jul Last swim Sun 21 July (Summer holidays)
Aug No scheduled swimming training during summer holidays, but we may have extra pay-as-you-go training for those who want it.  To be arranged.


Don’t forget, if you are away during holidays and miss one or more of your training regular sessions, don’t miss out – if you can, make up the lost time by swimming on a different night. For example, if you miss a Sunday, come along another time on a Friday.